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Welcome to My Balanced Plate, where I am dedicated to transforming women’s lives through personalised health and wellness coaching. My mission is to empower driven but busy women who are committed to changing their lifestyle and incorporating new habits to achieve their health and fitness goals while embracing balance and sustainability


My approach

At My Balanced Plate, I believe that health is not about extreme diets or quick fixes; it's about building a lasting relationship with your body and nourishing it with wholesome foods, fitness, and self-care. My comprehensive approach focuses on personalized health coaching, nutritional guidance, fitness planning, lifestyle management, and mindfulness coaching.

About Me

Hi, I'm Erum, a certified personal trainer, and certified nutrition and health coach with a deep passion for helping women achieve their health goals. For the last fifteen years I worked as a successful in-house legal counsel for various international companies. I married, moved to The Netherlands and started a beautiful life with my family in Amsterdam!

After having kids, my husband and I were determined to educate ourselves on how to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for us and our family. We wanted to ensure that we could be the best parents we could be to our children.

So, what about you?

You, you've tried dieting before. It hasn't worked, and you are ready to try something that will work in the long term!
This is where 1:1 coaching at My Balanced Plate is different.
I am not promising a quick fix or another fad diet. Here's what you can expect if you decide to work with me. I’ll help you improve your health, gain energy, and lose weight in a way that is sustainable and can ensure results over time…no matter how crazy life gets!

What I've learned

I made mistakes, I set unrealistic goals for myself, and at one point was convinced that leading a healthy lifestyle while still feeling good in my skin was nearly impossible for a working mom. But with the support of my family and some amazing coaches, I managed to get into the best shape of my life and create a healthy lifestyle for my entire family! The guidance I received from my coaches inspired me to start My Balanced Plate!

This  journey allowed me to  witness the transformative power of balanced, sustainable living in my own life and I want to help you on this journey to become  the best version of yourself without having to sacrifice aspects of life that bring you joy and without making  as many mistakes as I did. As a mother, I understand the challenges of busy schedules and social commitments, which is why I'm committed to helping you make a change, one balanced choice at a time.


A plan that fits your lifestyle

I always start with your needs and goals. Then I will help develop a customized plan to help you with your nutrition, movement and mindset in a way that works for you and your circumstances


Get the support you deserve

As your coach I will remove the guesswork and give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. They’ll help you stay consistent no matter what life throws at you.

Achieve your goals—even when life gets crazy

As your coach I will remove the guesswork and give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. I will help you stay consistent no matter what life throws at you.


Life-changing results—delivered 100% online

In a world where we all have to be in many places throughout the week, I give my clients flexibitly by coaching 100% online.

Eat better without feeling deprived

As your coach I will not create a meal plan that you must follow, or recommend some complicated diet. Instead we work together to find out what kinds of foods you like to eat so that you learn how to make meals more nutritious, allowing you to meet your goals while eating the foods you love and enjoy!


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Proven Results

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My clients have achieved remarkable transformations, embracing balanced lifestyles and achieving their desired health and fitness goals.



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